In work displayed on these pages, I try to highlight the extraordinary nature of ordinary outdoor scenes. We travel through some version of the natural environment every time we leave home. We are probably aware of the seasonal variations, but how often do we look carefully at the specific expressions of natural life around us, which  change continually? No matter the scale or season, all of nature always holds beauty -  sometimes with delicate patterns or exuberant color, sometimes with fierce drama, sometimes in an almost colorless, subtle quietude. Sometimes we might need to focus attentively to seek out the beauty. I want to zero-in on these moments, examining an intimately defined field of vision in order to try to replicate the intricacy, diversity, and brilliance inherent in each fleeting manifestation of the natural world. 

ORIGINAL DRAWINGS        Most drawings are sized at about 15" by 38".  For greater flexibility, some compositions are equally comfortable hung horizontally or vertically. The medium is oil pastel on Plike, an Italian, acid-free paper. 

GICLEE PRINTS        Giclee prints are digital fine art reproductions made with a large format inkjet printer and fade-resistant, pigment-based archival inks. The image stability of pigment inks is superior to that of standard dye-based inkjet printing. For giclee prints, the original artwork is scanned at high resolution and the reproduction can be printed on various substrates in a range of sizes. The quality of giclee prints can vary. Drawings by this artist are printed by Husom and Rose Photographics and meet high standards.

These drawings can be ordered as giclee prints on Museo archival paper or on canvas. Museo 100% rag heavy weight smooth watercolor paper is manufactured to archival standards (Library of Congress, ISO) with 100% cotton, is internally buffered to prevent long term environmental acidification, and contains no optical brighteners which can fade over time.

The drawings are often mistaken for paintings when printed on high-grade, medium weight cotton duck canvas, which is then coated with a UV spray created by the canvas manufacturer to protect their fabrics. The edges of the stretched canvas are colored to match the image so that framing is optional.

Prints are available at full size, approximately 38" x 15", at half size, and at custom sizes up to about 66" x 27".

PRICES      Original drawings are for sale, matted and framed in a cherry wood or metal frame. The approximate framed size is 21" x 41". Original drawings can be purchased for $1200 when the artist retains rights to reproduce and sell prints in a limited edition.  Without reproduction rights retained by the artist, the cost of any original drawing is $2500.

Printed to size, 38"x 15", on Museo paper, unframed    $200  

Half size, 19" x 8", on Museo paper, unframed     $100

Maximum size, 66" x 27", on Museo paper, unframed     $500

Printed to size, 38"x 15", on stretched canvas     $400

Please contact the artist at for further information or to arrange a purchase.